Aerobars: Enhancing Your Cycling Performance

If you are into cycling, you may have heard about a piece of equipment that can help you improve your performance – aerobars. Also called clip-on aerobars, these bars attach to your existing drop bars and provide an aerodynamic position that can improve your riding performance.

aerobars come in different shapes and sizes and are made from various materials. Generally, they consist of several components, including extensions, elbow rests, and of course, the base or stem. The extensions are the most important part of the aerobar and are what add the aerodynamic advantage. They usually measure approximately 39-45cm and have an adjustable angle. The angle and length of the extensions can be adjusted, allowing you to find the most comfortable and the most energy-efficient position.

The elbow rests are the next significant part of aerobars. They provide support and stability for your arms while riding in a more aerodynamic position. The elbow rests also reduce weight by helping to distribute it more evenly throughout your upper body. Most aerobar sets will come with various cushioned pads for the elbows, which further improves the comfort and reduces fatigue.

Finally, the base – also known as the stem, is what attaches the aerobars and the extensions to the actual handlebars. The stem can be made from either aluminium or carbon fibre and is usually adjustable in both length and angle, much like the extensions.

aerobars are often used by cyclists and triathletes to improve their performance on flat and hilly terrain. Research has shown that the aerodynamic advantages can be significant, ranging from 5-20%. One of the most significant advantages is that you can produce more power and ride faster. The extra power output not only means faster speeds, but also better climbing performance. Additionally, the aerodynamic position allows your arms to be in a more relaxed position, which can improve endurance on longer rides.

In addition to performance gains, a significant benefit of aerobars is that they can improve your riding comfort. While the aerodynamic position can take some time to get used to, the elbow rests and extensions help to relieve stress on your arms and shoulders, providing a breath of fresh air while riding.

Finally, aerobars are relatively affordable and can be found for most handlebar sizes. The many pieces that come as part of the package will also allow you to customise and adjust the equipment to better suit your riding style.

In conclusion, aerobars can be a great addition to any cyclist’s toolkit and can provide significant performance and comfort gains. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced road cyclist, aerobars are easy to install and use and could be the perfect way to upgrade your bike and improve your riding.

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